NOTE: We are currently offering training in group and private lessons. Please contact Mr. Mills if you have any interest or questions about these opportunities to continue training.

GREEN ACRES SCHOOL FAMILIES – We offered a virtual after school program during the 2020-21 school year. Mr. Mills continues to offer private lessons for Green Acres students. Please contact him for more information.
Mills Martial Arts™ offers training in traditional and modern styles of self-defense, emphasizing safety, a friendly training atmosphere, and positive attitude development. People who train with Mills Martial Arts™ are required to be considerate of their fellow students and instructors, so that everyone can learn in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Regular classes are available in the Rockville, MD area and online. MMA also provides after school programs held at various local schools.

MMA sets itself apart as a place where belts are earned over time through dedicated practice and personal effort. Where everyone is encouraged to achieve their best and reach their potential.

There are age requirements for belt levels. All students are welcome regardless of previous martial arts experience. For more information, or to arrange a free class, please contact Thomas Mills at (240) 994-4395 or millsmachine@aol.com